Fall Guys Got Review Bombed and Un-Bombed in One Day

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Takeshis Castle PlayStation Plus
Fall Guys Got Review Bombed and Un-Bombed in One Day

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released yesterday and it trended on Twitter, got review bombed and fixed in one day. Gamers could not wait to give it a try on PlayStation 4 through PS+ and PC gamers sat in anticipation waiting to launch it. However, the game’s launch was less than successful. Fall Guys could not cope with the influx of players resulting in major server issues for the majority of the day. I tried to play it at 14:00 SAT and after forty minutes, played two matches and was kicked from the server. This issue persisted well into the evening. The developer Mediatonic even shut down the servers after a while.

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Of course, gamers being gamers. Some of them took to Steam to express their frustration and Fall Guys was review bombed. The server issues made users understandably frustrated and this was clear in the Steam reviews. However, soon after the review bomb took place, the Fall Guys twitter account pleaded for patience and announced that they were currently being review-bombed.

Soon after the tweet went up, fans countered the negative reviews with positive ones bringing the game’s overall user score from “negative” to “mostly positive”.

It is a great act of kindness to witness. Gamers united against trolls and fixed the Fall Guys review score after it was bombed by impatient fans. However, the situation further highlights the issues surrounding user reviews. This system is still used as a way to express a gamer’s agenda regardless of how critical they are about a game. User reviews are used as weapons rather than actual informative systems. Dare I say it is the “Karen” of gaming.

Fall Guys seems to be up and running now smoothly. Users can jump into the game on PS4 and PC and enjoy some good old grabbing and falling. Check out the adorable launch trailer for the game down below;

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