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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is The Takeshi’s Castle Video Game We Never Had

What happens when you take 60 players, customize them with weird outfits and make them all run through a series of crazy obstacle courses in the attempt to become the best of the bunch? Sound familiar? Well, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an upcoming video game that oozes old-school Japanese game show vibes. Think Takeshi’s Castle meets a video game. The developers at Mediatonic seem to have mastered the formula for creating those chaotic moments we remember for the tv show but in a video game.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is all about creating controlled chaos across a series of obstacle courses and levels. 60 players get placed into a range of stages as they need to run to the end as fast as possible and avoid being eliminated. Some levels also revolve around keeping an item and preventing other players from stealing it.

Anyone familiar with Takeshi’s Castle will know that the same idea kept the game show popular for years. Players who reach the end in a specific time or survive the level will then go onto the next round. In addition, as the game goes on, eliminated players are kicked for the lobby. There’s a bit of battle royale in Fall Guys to enjoy too as players will do anything possible to stay alive and relevant in the competition. Even if that means throwing you under the bus.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Takeshi's Castle

Some levels we have seen include an egg race as players grabbed and tossed eggs into a giant mouth within a set amount of time. The team with the most collected eggs after the round won the match. Another level saw players run around an area trying to steam a tail off another player. However, the arena was full of spinning hammers and all sorts of contraptions that got in the way. Of course, it won’t be Japenese game show-inspired video game without a final showdown. This stage saw players run up a hill avoiding tumbling balls, spinning hammers and other players as they raced for the crown.

In the end, only one can be the winner. However, it is easier said than done. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seems to merge the world of battle royale with some Takeshi’s Castle fun and crazy Takeshi’s Castle-inspired games. The results speak for themselves and the game looks like it may be the party game we have been waiting for.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launches sometime in summer (winter in SA) for PS4 and PC. Check out some gameplay down below from those who have had hands-on time with the game. Be sure to also wishlist it on Steam if you are interested in picking it up. Also, visit the Mediatonic site for more information.



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