Bethesda helps a 12-year-old with Cancer’s Wish of Playing Fallout 76 Come True
Wish of playing Fallout 76
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Wes is a 12-year-old boy from Hampton Roads, Virginia and he has a very rare form of cancer. He has been fighting stage four neuroblastoma for seven and a half years. This month, the doctors decided to stop treatment. Bethesda heard about Wes and granted the little boy’s wish of playing Fallout 76 recently, but that’s only half the story.

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Wes’ parents revealed on Facebook than when Wes got the news that the doctors have decided to stop treatment, he cried to them when he realized he would likely never get to play with his Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 which he preordered when it was announced back in July. He brought up the fact that the game only releases in November and that he probably wouldn’t be able to play it multiple times.

The wish of playing Fallout 76 granted

Matt Grandstaff, the Assistant Director at Bethesda, showed up at their house (thanks to Martino Cartier). Mr Grandstaff drove four hours from Maryland to Hampton Roads with an early copy of the game. Not only did Matt bring Fallout 76 to Wes to play, but he also brought with him a prototype of the amazing Power Armor Helmet. This helmet even has the signature of Bethesda’s Todd Howard and Wes got to keep it.

Wes’ parents explain on Facebook that:

He spent the day at our house watching Wes play, making him the first person in the world outside of the video game industry employees to play. He also received the first prototype of the power armor helmet that will be included in the new release, only his was signed by Todd Howard of Bethesda himself.

While he doesn’t get to keep the game because it’s too early, just those hours of playtime made him happier than you know HUGE thank you to Martino and the team at Bethesda for jumping through hoops to make this happen for him. It means the world to us and him.

This story brought tears to my eyes and it is so wonderful to hear Bethesda do something of this nature. People are always so quick to criticize big publishers and it feels like general media always hampers on the negatives of video games. However, one has to remember just how much games can bring to our lives.

Hopefully, Bethesda takes things a step further and puts some kind of nod to Wes in the full game, as that would be absolutely perfect.

What do you think about Bethesda making Wes’ wish of playing Fallout 76 come true? Let us know in the comment section below.






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