Fallout 76 Glitch Transports Players to Vault 63
Fallout 76 Glitch
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Everyone and their pet Deathclaw knows just how buggy Fallout 76 was at launch and for the most part, still is. A new glitch during a horde event sends players to the inaccessible Vault 63 and they are afraid that Bethesda might ban them.

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Early this year, Bethesda banned players who purposefully made their way into the developer room, where you could see a human NPC, some unreleased items and more. That’s why players who made their way into Vault 63, which no player has entered legitimately just yet, are afraid that they could get banned as well.

Thankfully, this is a Fallout 76 glitch, which players have been reporting about on Reddit. This happened during players were participating in a Rat Rad Horde event. Redditor McStaken explained that:

We entered the vault accidentally while doing a Rad-Rat Horde event. There are no pictures of the event beforehand, because we had no way of knowing what was about to happen!

We’ve somehow managed to do an event inside Vault 63. We’re now trapped in here. So enjoy pictures and Bethesda, send a Vault-Tec rescue party!

McStaken also shared some screenshots showcasing the inside of Vault 63 which this latest Fallout 76 glitch transported players to and submitted a ticket to Bethesda. Check out some screenshots of Vault 63 below.

Vault 63

Vault 63

Bethesda definitely shouldn’t ban players because of a Fallout 76 glitch and it doesn’t seem as if these players entered Vault 63 on purpose. However, I do understand their fear of getting banned. Let’s face it, Bethesda haven’t exactly been making the right moves with Fallout 76 ever since the game launched.

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Have you encountered this Fallout 76 glitch? Let us know in the comment section below.






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