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Fallout 76 Private Servers Released – Sub Costs R190 Per Month or Over R1400 a Year

Since Fallout 76 launched one year ago on 23 October 2019, it hasn’t had the best reception from fans, with a prime example being that last month, when they started charging over R100 for a fridge in the game. However, Bethesda has continued to support the game with new updates and content. One thing that was promised at launch is that Fallout 76 private servers would be coming and now, these “private worlds” as Bethesda calls them have finally arrived with a Fallout 1st subscription service.

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Players will be able to have their own Fallout 76 private servers and be joined with up to seven other friends (who don’t require a subscription) to play the game and not get bothered by others. If you’ve been waiting for Fallout 76 private servers to finally get released and you want one of your own, then it will cost you.

The price of owning a Fallout 76 private server is $12.99 (R190) or $99 per year (R1447) at a 36% discount. That’s a whole lot of money for a server that can only take eight players total and many Fallout 76 players probably didn’t expect them to be this expensive. You can throw your wallet at Bethesda by following this link.

There are quite a few benefits, including that the subscription will net the player 1650 Atoms a month, which is worth roughly the subscription price, but it does cost Bethesda nothing at all to throw some Atoms at subscribers.

Fallout 76 private servers bethesda

Bethesda explains that:

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The community has been asking for the ability to play in private worlds since before the launch of Fallout 76, and we’re very excited to announce that they are coming to the game with Fallout 1st. If you’re a Fallout 1st member, how you use your private world is completely up to you: Invite up to seven of your friends at a time (eight total people per private world) to join you in taking on the dangers of post-apocalyptic West Virginia or play completely solo. All gameplay remains the same from Adventure Mode and all characters entering the Fallout 1st private worlds must be existing characters.
Only the owner of a private world is required to be a Fallout 1st member. Head into your private world, open your Social menu once you’re in-game, and start inviting your friends to kick off the party. You can also create a squad outside of your private world and then switch to it to bring everyone along at once. Should the owner of the private world leave, the world will still stay active as long as one other player in the world is a Fallout 1st member.


These Fallout 76 private worlds (aka private servers) do come with some great benefits but it remains to be seen how players will react to such a monthly or yearly price just to be able to have their own playground.

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Are you be interested in Fallout 76 private servers and what do you think about the monthly or yearly cost? Let us know in the comment section below.

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