Man Trashes Store Because He Couldn’t Get a Fallout 76 Refund
Return Fallout 76
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When a Gamestop employee told a customer he couldn’t return Fallout 76 he got a terrible case of the nerd rage and trashed the store. Someone got it on video and it is quite a thing to watch. Gamestop’s return policy gives you 30 days to return an item – if you didn’t open it. Our unhappy Vault dweller, of course, played a good few hours of the game, realized he hated it and wanted his $60 back.

Kudos to the Gamestop employee that kept his cool throughout the ordeal.

The customer’s behaviour is despicable, but I do get the anger, just not the way he expressed it. On the other hand, there have been so many warnings by fans and game critics alike to wait before you buy Fallout 76. Not many review scores are out yet, as most gaming sites only published a review in progress, however, the few that did announce scores paint a dismal picture, and Fallout 76 must be the instalment with the lowest ever review score. We gave Fallout 76 a 6/10, stating that “When Fallout 76 is good, it is really good but when it is bad, it is a disaster and unfortunately, the game suffers from some serious issues both in performance and game mechanics that make it feel like an empty shell of a once-great series.

Talking about fixing bugs and issues, the first Fallout 76 patch rolled out last night and it’s a massive 47GB on the PS4 and Xbox One, with PC only needing around 15GB of hard drive space to download the patch. What do you get in turn for all the space handed over to Fallout 76? Performance and stability improvements, better art and graphics, less deadly enemies, fixes to various Blueprints, and some PvP tweaks. You can read the full patch notes here.






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