Fallout 76 Review Bombing is Already Taking Place
Fallout 76 review bombing
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Bethesda isn’t too popular due to Fallout 76 at the moment and gamers are, for better or worse, voicing their concerns. Fallout 76 review bombing is happening over on Metacritic and in this case, we should probably be calling it review nuking. The user review rating is still plummeting as I type this and there’s no telling how low it will go.

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Due to this Fallout 76 review bombing going on, the game has a user review score that should be reserved for completely broken, barren titles. These user “reviews” are really just complaints about things we’ve known about the game since its reveal. No NPCs, multiplayer experience, the Creation Engine and more.

At the time of writing, the user review rating averages on all three platforms over at Metacritic are as follows:

It is honestly a bit strange to see PC as the highest of the three. The reason being that the game will never release on Steam, which did upset quite a lot of players.

I, for one, dislike review bombing. Sure, the idea might be to get fewer people to buy the game when they see a low score, but will they really? It’s not like those reviews are informative at all, and most of them repeat the same old lines over and over again. It feels like some entitled gamers lashing out at the big bad publisher.

However, it is everyone’s right to voice their opinion on the game. People should just actually try it instead of giving an uninformed opinion to artificially bring down the score. That’s just my opinion though.

What do you thinking about the Fallout 76 review bombing? Share your opinions on the subject with us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to check out our preview gameplay, which was actually quite enjoyable.

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