Toilet Paper is Flying Off The Shelves at Crazy Prices…. in Fallout 76

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Toilet Paper is Flying Off The Shelves at Crazy Prices…. in Fallout 76

The demand for toilet paper has increased in video games. In Fallout 76, people are going crazy for it and prices for the item has hit 20,000 caps in-game for one roll of toilet paper. Reddit user HistoricPigDog posted that someone bought his four rolls of toilet paper for 450 caps each. In turn, someone claimed they sold a roll for 20,000 caps.

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“I have sold my only one for 20,000 caps. I put it up as a joke. The joke is on me. I should have listed it for 30k.”

Other Reddit users claim to be spending the mass amounts of caps on the items due to their excessive amount of excess caps.

very time I logg on I Max cap quickly. So sometimes instead of wasting time finding good stuff to buy I’d assume some people just buy jokes. It’s more entertainment at this point to spend 20k on a damn toilet paper than anything else the game has to offer

Perhaps people just don’t have anything to spend their caps on right now. That or the Fallout 76 experience is replicating the COVID-19 real-world toilet paper drama that has seen people fight over the product and rip them off shelves worldwide. Still, 20,o00 caps is a lot to ask for a roll of digital toilet paper. Especially given that you can’t really do anything with it.

I think the whole world has gone mad over COVID-19. Before you know it, we will see Fallout 76 players hoarding rooms full of this paper as they prep for another in-game end-of-the-world. If only Fallout 76 had an in-game stock market of items, it would be interesting to see what rates these rolls of paper would be going for and how the coronavirus has impacted the game.

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