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Fallout TV Show Gets April 2024 Premiere Date

The live-action Fallout TV show, based on the series of popular RPG titles from Bethesda, finally has a premiere date. Amazon Prime revealed that the first episode of the show, titled The End, will air on 12 April 2024. Thereafter, we can probably expect new episodes to drop every week.

The Fallout TV show is being helmed by Jonathan Nolan, best known as the brother of filmmaker Christopher Nolan and the writing talent behind movies such as The Dark Knight and Interstellar. Jonathan Nolan also served as a producer and/or writer on several television projects in the past including Westworld, The Peripheral and Person of Interest.

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A tweet from the official Fallout on Prime account recently uploaded a new teaser video showing a computer terminal that flashes a series of messages before landing on “Holotape found: 101_The_End” followed by 04.12.24, meaning that the first episode will air on 12 April next year.

Details about the plot of the Fallout TV show are being kept tightly under wraps. Thanks to a teaser from August, we know that it will be set in Los Angeles. Judging by the name of the first episode, we can assume that it will focus on the initial apocalyptic bomb drops that forces humanity to seek refuge in Vault Tech’s fallout shelters. Fallout 4 started out the same way, letting players experience a normal life right before imminent disaster.

We have yet to see an official trailer for the Fallout TV show but we can hopefully expect one closer to the premiere date. It’s also unclear if or how the show’s events will tie into the stories of the games, or if it will be its own standalone universe. Guess all of our questions will be answered next year.

The first episode of Fallout airs on 12 April 2024.

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