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Fans Are Trying to Hunt Down The New Mario Voice Actor

Charles Martinet is no longer voicing Mario. The actor announced last month that after 27 years of being the Italian plumber, he would be retiring from his role and instead, become the Mario ambassador who travels the world spreading the joy of Mario wherever he goes. As a result, fans are wondering who has replaced him.

With the upcoming Super Mario Bros Wonder set to launch next week, fans have gone as far as to get their hands on the game’s demo and data mined it for the name of Mario’s new voice actor. Keep in mind that there’s no publicly available demo for Super Mario Bros Wonder. The demo was downloaded onto kiosk consoles at various retailers in the US and “unofficially” obtained.

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Someone intentionally modified the game demo to obtain its files and hopefully, get hold of the credits. The list then went public on Wednesday and fans have slowly pieced together who is playing who in the upcoming game. So far, Deanna Mustard has been recast as Daisy. Samantha Kelly voices Peach, Toad and Toadette.

Caety Sagoian is also hinted to return as Bowser Jr while Kenny James is voicing Bowser. The talking flowers in Super Mario Bros Wonder are also voiced by Kevin Afghani. But what about Mario?

According to fans, the original data mine pointed to Mick Wingert as Mario. Wingert has played many video game roles in the past including appearances in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Fire Emblem and World of Warcraft. However, he isn’t Mario.

After fans reached out to find out whether or not he played the Italian plumber in Super Mario Bros Wonder, Wingert claims that while he can’t deny or confirm his involvement in the game at this time, he is in fact, not the new Mario voice actor.

So while the theft of the Super Mario Bros Wonder demo had good intentions, we are still none the wiser about who has replaced Martinet in the game. The game is set to launch on 20 October and fans will likely tear it apart for information as soon as they get their hands on it. But while Wingert claims he isn’t Mario, he might simply be contracted to deny the role until the embargo breaks next week.

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  • Nikki_boagreis 13 October 2023

    Will know for certain when the game releases next week, it’s pathetic that nothing is off limits for dataminers even a demo.

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