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Fans Want Sonic Frontiers Delayed After Rough Gameplay Reveal

Sonic Frontiers, the upcoming open-world game from Sega, had its first gameplay debut last week to a mostly divisive reception. The gameplay was criticised for having a barren open-world and stiff animations that many fans said looked underdeveloped. Now, they’re calling for Sega to delay Sonic Frontiers after the hashtag recently started trending on Twitter.

Sega partnered with IGN to deliver the first official gameplay for Sonic Frontiers, arriving in two chunks: one focusing on exploration and the other on combat. However, the first seven-minute video received around 50k dislikes on YouTube to a ratio of 76k likes, while the combat video has 19k dislikes compared to 35k likes.

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The divide in reception has caused #DelaySonicFrontiers to trend on Twitter over the weekend, with backlash directed at the gameplay’s poor presentation and underwhelming showing.

Sonic Frontiers looks like they made an open-world game automated,” said YouTuber Lonely Goomba. “It’s so weird. That gameplay demo had so many dash panels into springs and automation…. I’m nervous about this game. That demo did not look great.”

“I’m one of the biggest Sonic fans on planet Earth… [but] this gameplay did not do it for me,” said Sam Procrastinates in a video reaction. “Based on this video, I’m worried for Sonic Frontiers. I was so excited, I’ve waited five years for this, and I’m not happy. I’m very, ‘been there, done that.’ If this is what Sonic is going to be like for the next ten years, then we’re in trouble.”

The Sonic franchise has seen little success over the last couple of decades, at least in the gaming world. The two movie adaptations by Paramount Pictures fared well with critics and fans, but the video games don’t really get the same positive feedback. Sega has attempted multiple times to reinvent Sonic with new gameplay ideas and Sonic Frontiers seems to be a good push into an open-world design, but the rough state of the gameplay is leaving a lot to be desired.

Sonic Frontiers launches sometime in 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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