Far Cry 5 does not take itself too seriously and is hella fun to play – Hands On
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After so much controversy surrounding Far Cry 5 during its announcement, I just had to make a plan to sit and try the game out at E3 last week. After a 20 minute demo of the game, I am happy to report that Far Cry 5 is the most Far Cry-ist Far Cry to date and packs all the explosions, action, and great open world into a brand new adventure. It's co-op mechanics work, and its gunplay feels fresh and addictive. I was playing a very early version of the game on PS4 Pro and it also looked fantastic, perhaps the best looking game in the series. 

The first part of the mission saw me trying to infiltrate a Liberation location called Fall's End. From a distance, I could spot out the enemies and target them, and with the help of Nick Rye's plane, I could easily tell him to shoot in a specific area I targeted on the ground. While he was doing that and taking the heat, I was able to sneak into the back of a house and find a shotgun in the kitchen. Why the shotgun is in the kitchen is not clear right now but hey, we are in hillbilly town so it kind of made sense. 

My favourite weapon of all had to be the dynamite which just exploded and destroyed everything in its path but saying that every weapon I used felt great in the game from the M4 with its shoddy stability, to the revolver's powerful kickback. Later on, in the mission, I was able to get on a plane and soar through the skies to try and mow down enemies below and destroy wheat silos. Flying controls were really fun and easy to master which is a relief given that flying in many games can be a bit tough.

I was then able to play the same mission over again but this time using a different companion. Instead of Nick's plane flying overhead, I had Boomer the dog at my side and could send him to take out enemies in a more silent way compared to the past route that saw me blowing everything up in front of me. Boomer coupled with a sniper rifle was a perfect match as the zoom gave me a better view on where I could send him. I could also take down enemies with my rifle if I wanted to.

These two mission playthroughs are a perfect example of just how diverse Far Cry 5 is in its play style. So many different ways to play through a mission and a handful of approaches you can take in the game. Take a look at the gameplay video below of the missions in action. 

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