Far Cry 5 Preview: Never a dull moment in Montana – Hands On
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If you are worried that Far Cry 5 has gone soft on us with its heavy emphasis on religious themes and cults then think again. After 5 hours with the game this past weekend I did not want to put the game down. It is everything we love about the series and more and best of all it manages to keep its fun and its serious moments apart. we have already covered Cheeseburger the diabetic bear and my personal best companion but there is much more to Far Cry 5 than meets the eye. 

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Take a look at our full gameplay preview below.

When you are looking into the face of the devil himself, Joseph Seed you get cold shivers but when you are soaring through the air in a wingsuit only to bang into a tree and die, it is fun and light-hearted. Much of the game is actually much less serious than you think which is what we have always loved about Far Cry 5 and the sheer level of randomness never gets old.

Many times I just chuckled to myself as I was about to save a couple from being eaten by wolves only for them to be hit with a car my companion was driving. His response “sorry not sorry”. Even being smashed by a truck to go flying down the hill with me stuck to the front of it was hilarious. The worst moments in Far Cry 5 seem to be the best in my book. 

Far Cry 5 has so much to do outside of hunting down Joseph Seed and his family. One of my favourite things is the Stunt Activities that sees you reenact a stunt drivers route through the land be it in a truck, car, quad bike or even a plane. The game's driving and flying mechanics are so smooth and polished that these events are enjoyable without the need to rage about hitting an object you were not meant to hit or flying off the cliff because the handling wonked out on you. 


We then have the hunting which is a great way to pass time too as you venture into areas to hunt down animals. Last but not least is the fishing which is a great way to get in touch with nature. Sure, you might have a cult group sailing upstream while you are trying to catch yourself a pink salmon but one stick of dynamite and they are blown to dust. 

Like most open world games the distraction is expected. You are going on a mission and travelling there on foot or car or whatever and of course, you will find something along the way that will interest you. I had this happen all the time. Someone needed help, there was a cult monument that needed to be blown up, or there was a resource truck driving past that I could loot. A simple trip to the objective was always met with loads of side activities to do and things to discover. 


If you are not one for this sort of thing then you could always fast travel too. One of the best parts about the game is that you can airdrop onto any unlocked fast travel point and while flying down you open your wingsuit and you can literally soar through the air to a new location or the objective you have targeted. I loved this because it meant that I would be able to get around faster if I was not in the mood to deal with the forces on the ground. It also meant that I often killed myself due to me smashing my head into the ground but it was worth a shot. 


Far Cry 5 also has a load of companions and NPC that will give you a list of quests to complete. These are unique and have a deep story aspect to them all. I never felt like I was rushing to a point to do a pointless activity just to shut the lady up on the other side of the radio. Everything you do has a purpose and everything you for someone has some personal gain for them be it revenge, to grow the resistance or to just get a vinyl to add a new music track to the radio station. 


Of course, the action in Far Cry 5 makes it all a much flashier rollercoaster ride. Be it blowing up a hotel, tossing a grenade at a truck only for its explosion to trigger three other cars being caught up in the blast too or pumping a rocket into a helicopter and watch as it crashes to the ground. It is Far Cry's signature features and they are all on steroids in Far Cry 5. 

I hope this got you excited for the game as it is going to be one of the best. Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to Cheeseburger the diabetic bear too and let us know what you think about the gameplay above in the comments below. 

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