Far Cry 7 Multiplayer Game Ubisoft Development Setting

Far Cry 7 and A Far Cry Multiplayer Game in Development – Report

Ubisoft is reportedly developing Far Cry 7 and a standalone Far Cry multiplayer game, according to a new report. Both projects were apparently meant to be one game before the decision was made to split the single-player and multiplayer experiences. The games are believed to be in “heavy development” with some details already leaking about the multiplayer title and its setting.

The report comes from Insider Gaming, which has a reliable track record of accurate industry leaks. According to its anonymous sources, Far Cry 7 is codenamed Project Blackbird while the multiplayer Far Cry game is codenamed Project Maverick. The site claimed to have received screenshots of Maverick from its sources stating that the multiplayer game will be set in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Maverick is reportedly an extraction-based shooter with mechanics that include permadeath, contracts, a backpack system and more. Ubisoft had been fishing the idea of an Alaskan setting for the Far Cry series as far back as 2015 when it asked players in a survey for their preferred locations in a Far Cry game. The least “out there” option happened to be “A Far Cry game in remote Alaska about surviving extreme wilderness.”

Despite Maverick being a multiplayer game, players may have to fend for themselves as their main adversary will be the extreme wilderness such as weather and wildlife.

Even fewer details are known about Far Cry 7 but Insider Gaming believes it may also feature the Alaskan wilderness as a setting due to both projects originating from one game early in development. Both titles are currently deep in development though sources state that they’re at least a couple of years off from release, pinning a possible fall 2025 release window. It’s unclear if Ubisoft will manage to meet this deadline, though.

The Alaskan wilderness definitely sounds like a setting that would suit a Far Cry game. Given the harsh weather conditions, terrain and some dangerous wildlife including wolves, the survival element of the series would be a perfect match. As with all rumours, though, take this with a pinch of salt.

Source: Insider Gaming

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