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Far Cry 7 Will Reportedly Have a Non-Linear, Time Limited Story

Ubisoft has yet to officially announce Far Cry 7 but it seems like the leaks keep rolling in. This latest one reportedly shines a light on the game’s story details as well as a release window of fall 2025. However, the biggest takeaway from this leak is the way the next game will structure its narrative in the form of a non-linear, time limited story – a big deviation from previous games that could be great or terrible if not handled properly.

The leaked details arrive courtesy of Insider Gaming which spilled the beans on some important story information about the next single-player Far Cry game. According to the report, the internal codename for Far Cry 7 is apparently Project Blackbird and Ubisoft is expecting to release the game in fall 2025. While specific details about the game’s setting weren’t disclosed, Insider Gaming’s sources seemingly debunked a previous rumour that would take place on another tropical island.

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As for the story details, Far Cry 7 will reportedly feature a non-linear story in which players must attempt to save their kidnapped family from a conspiracy group called the ‘Sons of Truth.’ The interesting part is that players will only have a limited amount of time to find and rescue their entire family – approximately 72 hours of in-game time or 24 hours in real-time. However, the timer can be paused when players enter one of their safehouses.

The non-linear storytelling of Far Cry 7 means that family members can be rescued in any order, though it’s possible for some family members to die as well. In order to complete the game 100%, you’ll need to bring down the Sons of Truth and rescue your entire family.

Another mechanic apparently featured in the game will allow you to interrogate the enemy while tracking down your family. However, it’s possible for the enemy to either tell you the truth, lie, stay quiet or even escape, adding a bit of uncertainty to your interrogation tactics.

This leak follows another from Insider Gaming back in January this year which lines up with this new information. According to the previous report, Far Cry 7 will feature an Alaskan wilderness setting and began development alongside a standalone multiplayer Far Cry game.

As with all reports and rumours, take this all with a pinch of salt for now until Ubisoft makes an official announcement.

Source: Insider Gaming

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