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Far Cry Series Gets New Director – Promises ‘Big Things’ to Come

Ubisoft has appointed veteran Drew Holmes as the new director of the Far Cry series after former senior executive Dan Hay exited the company two years ago. Holmes recently took to his LinkedIn profile to reveal the exciting news and give fans a tease of “big things” to come.

As spotted by Video Games Chronicle, Holmes recently updated his LinkedIn profile to confirm that he has been appointed as the new director of the popular open-world franchise by Ubisoft. Holmes has teased “big things” for the series going forward and stated that the unannounced new entry will be “the next evolution of this great brand.”

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Holmes previously served as the story lead on both Far Cry 5 and New Dawn, but his resume also includes the lead writer of Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite.

Ubisoft hasn’t officially announced Far Cry 7 yet but we have enough rumours and reports to go on. Earlier this year, Insider Gaming claimed that Far Cry 7 is currently in development and codenamed Project Blackbird. Apparently, the game will be set in Alaska as Ubisoft has been fishing the idea since 2015 when it asked fans where they’d like to see the series go next. The least “out there” option turned out to be an Alaskan setting, which could be interesting since it changes the landscape to a much harsher, colder climate than the usual tropical settings of past entries.

Additionally, a standalone Far Cry multiplayer game was also leaked in the report, going under the codename Project Maverick. Both Far Cry 7 and this multiplayer game might adopt the Alaskan setting, with the multiplayer reportedly featuring strong survival elements. The main adversary for players will likely be the wilderness, extreme weather and dangerous wildlife. This is preceded by another report way back in November 2021 which also claimed that Ubisoft was working on a live service Far Cry game.

If you’re planning on revisiting the series, Ubisoft recently released a 60 FPS patch for Far Cry 5 that delivers smoother framerates on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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