Farming Simulator 17 Review: Ploughing Forward


Farming Simulator might not seem like the game for you, as
its over-serious tone, and lack of any Farmville qualities, makes it something
that people avoid. Underneath all the ridicule, there is a great game here, and
like all past releases, Farming Simulator 17 is a simulator. No different to
running around as a goat or a load of bread. It challenges an offbeat audience
to something different, and in the end, makes for a killer game to play while
bored to death, or waiting for a download to finish. Be warned though, it is
highly addictive and you might get carried away. 

Farming Simulator has not changed at its core. It is still a
farming game that sees you take control of a farm and run it successfully, or to
the ground. Farming crops, raising animals, buying new equipment, and doing
this all in the most hideous flannel ever sewn together. It is that game that
we love to hate, but hide offline on the PSN while playing it so our friends
don’t judge us. The farming aspect of the game can also get complicated, as we
know from past titles, but once you have overcome a new part of your farm’s
growing process, it is smooth sailing ahead. 


The hardest part of the game had to be learning to controls
the vehicles, as they all have so many bits and bobs to them, and attaching a
trailer to a van, could be a little tough at first. Backing it up, and lowing
the tow bar to fit into the latch might require a bit of precision, but it’s
supposed to be as realistic as possible. Caring for your farm and keeping up
with the sheer demand of it all, is tough, but the challenges that you get
tasked with, are totally worth the rewards in the end. I was just happy I did
not have to sit in the sun and get heat stroke at the same time.

Making sure all my chickens are healthy, and all the tractors are automatically harvesting the wheat, takes some time to setup, but thanks to the ability to hire farm workers to tend to all this while you are busy, makes life much easier. After an hour setting up workmen, you can sit back and watch your farm do its thing, while you reap the rewards. 

The most important part of an annual release, is the changes
that come with it, and Farming Simulator has been sprinkled with a new type of fertilizer.
As there was no Farming Simulator 16, the studio has been hard at work on this
year’s release. Overall gameplay improvements mean that farming is easier, but
the game now has an in-game radio, to eliminate that empty country ambience while

Music will not keep your mind active, rather than slowly dosing off
while farming. The songs are not great, but the idea is there. You can decide
between four stations like country, rock, pop, and electronic. Each catering to
your mood. There was nothing better than loading up the rock station while
driving through a wheat field pretending that you are one bad-ass farmer with a
mohawk, and no cares in the world. The PS4 version is limited to its songs, and
you will probably not recognize any of them, but the PC version of the game
allows you to add a custom URL for any web radio station.


Mods have also been introduced into the game, which is a
nice touch. These mods range from improved tractors to harvesters. Although
they are limited to a handful of mods right now, the feature is there for users
and creators to make cool content for the game. I will probably jump back into
the game next month just to see what the world has created. 

Farming Simulator is a tough sell to be honest as it does
not cater for everyone. Sure, the multiplayer co-op is the most fun you will
have on a farm with friends, but the game’s reputation might keep gamers away.

I for one recommend that you at least try one Farming Simulator once in your
lifetime, as there is so much to enjoy, that you will find yourself stuck in it
for a few hours without even taking notice. This year’s release has so much
polish, that it makes life easier on the farm. Farming Simulator 17 is the best
farming game available, so if you were ever curious about the series, this is
the one you want to try out. 


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