Fast and Furious X Director Quits Movie After Major Fight With Vin Diesel

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Fast and Furious X Director Quits Movie After Major Fight With Vin Diesel

Justin Lin has departed the Fast and Furious X project after coming to blows with Vin Diesel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lin’s decision to quit the movie was driven by differences between Vin Diesel over the film’s script.

Justin Lin signed off on the script and agreed that it was over and completed. However, Diesel disagreed and claimed to have shown Lin additional notes on 23 April which led to a shouting match between the two.

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Vin Diesel reportedly slammed the door in a furious rage (sorry I could not resist). Justin Lin reportedly entered a settlement talk with the studio immediately after the altercation where he would remain as the film’s producer. However, it has been confirmed that Justin Lin is now stepping down as the film’s producer.

Justin Lin worked on five of then ten Fast and Furious films. The latest Fast and Furious X film was put on hold during the latest drama in which no production was done until Universal sorted out the grievances.

Universal has now confirmed that Louis Leterrier, the director behind the Incredible Hulk and first Transporter movies has signed on to replace Justin Lin. Variety claims that Leterrier beat out several other candidates for the job at Universal.

But Fast and Furious X has been off to a rocky start. Apart from the Justin Lin and Vin Diesel drama that caused a major delay in production, the film has also been struggling to film some scenes due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. In addition, Universal has yet to cast the film’s villain. While Charlize Theron is set to return, reports claim the film is in need of another bad guy and they haven’t been cast yet.

Reports claim that Fast and Furious X is already sitting at a budget of $300 million without any marketing spend. The film is set to launch in May 2023 but that date will most likely shift after the latest issues.

Source: THR

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