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FFXIV Server Congestion Expected for Endwalker Launch

Square Enix has warned Final Fantasy XIV players of potential server congestion when the latest expansion Endwalker launches next week. The company is expecting a record number of logins to FFXIV upon Endwalker‘s release, and have issued a warning that not all players will be able to get in on first try.

Final Fantasy XIV players will receive the latest, highly anticipated Endwalker expansion on 7 December, but that comes with a few caveats. Namely, due to the expected number of players who will be playing the expansion for a short period of time, it might congest servers at launch. Square Enix has taken the necessary measures to optimize their servers, but haven’t implemented new Worlds due to component shortages.

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As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, Square Enix haven’t been able to add new Worlds due to semiconductor shortages, meaning they haven’t acquired enough server machines. However, they’ve “implemented every other measure that was possible,” including upgrading matching servers for higher performance, increasing processing speeds and increasing the amount of players that can login simultaneously. However, even with all these measures in place, Square Enix is still expecting a surge of players during Endwalker‘s launch.

The massive surge of players shouldn’t come as a surprise as FFXIV received massive crowds of new players this year (many referred to as “World of Warcraft refugees”) following Activision Blizzard players leaving their MMO titles in protest of the company’s allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment.

Every FFXIV expansion has seen a sleuth of new and old players logging into the popular MMORPG, and it looks like Endwalker might be their biggest one yet. That massive popularity, Square Enix predicts, likely means server congestion on release. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releases on 7 December 2021 for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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