FIFA 19 Card Pack Odds Are Atrocious
FIFA 19 card pack odds
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Are you ready for a horror-show on the first Monday of the month of Halloween? If you aren’t and you are a FIFA fan, you should probably stop reading this right away. With FIFA 19’s release, EA has for the first time shown FIFA 19 card pack odds and they are, to put it mildly, atrocious.

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FIFA 19 card pack odds

Before we get to the card pack odds, you should know that last month we reported on EA being under criminal investigation in Belgium for their refusal to remove the loot boxes, aka FIFA Ultimate Team card packs, from the game. It’s so bad that it made our five epic gaming fails of the past several months.

Now, with the release of FIFA 19, EA has revealed the card pack odds and from the looks of it, they are horrendous. As reported by Eurogamer, the first FIFA Ultimate Team promotion is live and it is called “Ones to Watch”. Basically, you can get special versions of a few player cards and they are dynamic, which means if a player does well, these cards get permanent rating boosts and are definitely something a serious FIFA Ultimate Team fan would want to have.

That’s why the FIFA 19 card pack odds you can view below will probably give you nightmares.

FIFA19 Ones to watch odds

Less than a 1% chance could mean anything, it could even mean 0.001%. Even if it was at a solid 1%, which it isn’t, then you could open hundreds of these packs without receiving one of these cards. Further note how you only have a 4.3% chance of getting 10 extra gold…

If RGN isn’t on your side, you will probably need to spend a tonne of money to get your hands on a rare card. Assuming that upcoming promotions follow the same odds, I, for one, believe this to be way too low.

What do you think about the FIFA 19 card pack odds? Let us know in the comment section below.






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