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FIFA 20 Trailer Kicks Things Off With VOLTA Football

FIFA 20 aims to take our love for football to the next level, by referencing an aspect of FIFA that we have been yearning for – FIFA Street. It has been something fans have been asking for years, and it’s finally here. The FIFA 20 reveal trailer has VOLTA Football strutting their stuff, while also giving us the core DNA of FIFA Street.

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With the story mode officially coming to an end in FIFA 19, FIFA 20 has decided to turn it up a notch by adding a myriad of features to work with.

We can expect the usual, minor upgrades from EA. However, we get actual game footage of what looks to be FIFA Street’s spiritual successor.

The new features on display (which was kindly addressed in a discussion with Rio Ferdinand) mark a return to the streets for FIFA. EA claim that authenticity is at the forefront, and aim to bring the pure essence of street football back to the FIFA franchise.

Gameplay changes focus around “on the ball, off the ball, and for the ball itself”. This is mainly focused around bringing players into a more engaging one-on-one gameplay experience. EA has reworked how players can read the game better, by giving players complete control over the decisive moments. Hopefully, these changes to scoring goals will be streamlined in comparison to that of FIFA 19.

A brand new penalty and free kick system has been implemented. EA says that players will have control over how the ball spins into the goal post. This is in the effort of continuously giving the players full control of the game at all time. Alongside these changes, FIFA 20 has a ball trajectory system that gives the game a little more variety.

Players can play in a wide array of street-based fields, from Tokyo to Amsterdam. VOLTA is about playing football in a 3v3 scenario, without the likes of a goalkeeper. This style of football relies a lot on player skill and is the heart of football, that most professional players are born out of.

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FIFA 20 seems like it wants to return to the glory days which made the gaming franchise a world-wide phenomenon. With that in mind, there’s a lot to look forward to with the upcoming video game football giant.

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