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FIFA 21 Source Code Leaked After Failed Data Extortion Attempt

Hackers have uploaded and released over 751GB of data pertaining to FIFA 21 and other EA Games content. The upload 0f the content arrives after the June 2021 hack that saw EA’s servers compromised. EA Games did acknowledge the hack back in June but the company went silent soon after.

According to reports, the hacker group responsible for the exploit threatened to share the secure files with the public should EA not pay an undisclosed amount of money. EA refused to pay up so the hacker tried to sell the files online for a whopping $28 million. This didn’t work either as they could not find any buyers for the data.


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At first, they hoped to receive a fat cheque from EA Games. Then they expected someone to purchase the files for $28 million on the dark web. Unfortunately, the plans didn’t go down as well as they hoped. This is mainly due to the code only including game files and no personal data or financial information. No cybercrime groups want video game data, they are more interested in the financial and private information of players.

EA Games was quite aware that the hacker group did not manage to get hold of any player data during the exploit. Only the FIFA 21 source code was obtained. An incomplete, still-in-development version of the game too. EA released a statement saying that the hack did not and will not affect their business operations. In addition, they are working with law enforcement to track down the hacker group.

So technically, anyone can go and find the FIFA 21 source code online as it has been uploaded to torrent sites. Can you do anything with it? Well, not really as the game code is firstly incomplete and secondly, it is engine-related content. Sure, you could data-mine it for information pertaining to the game’s features but it is FIFA 21. How much are you going to learn about it?

Source: The Record

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