FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Features Franchise’s First Ever Female Cover Star

"The last FIFA video game"

FIFA 23 Cover
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Features Franchise’s First Ever Female Cover Star

EA Games has released the first official announcement for this year’s FIFA 23 video game. The game, which is expected to be the last FIFA game developed by EA Games also features the first female cover star in the history of the series. The cover includes both Kylian Mbappé and Australian women’s forward Sam Kerr.

Sam Kerr plays for Chelsea’s female football team as well as the Australian soccer team. Kylian Mbappé is a PSG and France player. He also appeared on last year’s FIFA 22 cover.

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EA says that more details regarding FIFA 23 are expected to arrive this week. The game will also get its first official trailer on Wednesday.

FIFA 23 will act as a landmark title for the series as EA Games and FIFA have officially ended their partnership. Back in May, EA Games announced that was not renewing its contract with the FIFA organization. The news didn’t surprise fans as back in 2021, the company was quite vocal about its dislike for FIFA and the current contractual laws they had to follow when developing the video game series.

EA Games says that FIFA 23 will be the last entry in the popular football video game series as the company kicks off a “new era in July 2023”. So we are about a year away from seeing this new EA Sports FC video game series for the first time. EA Games is expected to release EA Sports FC around the same time as they would usually launch the FIFA game.

EA Games and FIFA have been working together for almost 30 years following the release of FIFA 23. EA says the departure from FIFA will now allow them to work on a bigger football game alongside 300 license partners. However, FIFA has also announced plans to work on a rival football game. However, details on who is developing this game aren’t public yet.

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