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FIFA Esports Player Spits on EA Games Logo, Gets Permanently Banned

Unlike Blizzard’s pro-Hong Kong Hearthstone player ban, this one looks like it is a good thing. Kurt0411, a “professional” FIFA esports player has been banned after acting like a lunatic on stream and spitting on the EA Games logo.

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Kurt0411 posted a series of videos on YouTube where the criticized EA Games, the people that worked for the company, and the way the company runs. That was not what triggered his ban, however. Kurt0411, during a Twitch stream, began trashing EA Games with curse words and picked up a scarf with the EA logo on it and spat on it multiple times.

This was a reaction to his match against HSV esports Nheisen who Kurt0411 was playing against. Kurt won the match at the very last minute and decided to act out probably to show off to his viewers.

DrJaba, a fellow Twitch streamer spotted the moment and uploaded the video to Twitter revealing how shocked he was to witness the disgusting event.

Kurt then went onto further ridicule DrJaba by stating “Those 50 seconds are better than your whole streaming career”. But justice was served after EA announced his ban from the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series competition and any further events scheduled beyond this season. EA released a statement revealing Kurt’s behaviour was “smack talk” and that Kurt0411 had recieved multiple warning in the past with his final warning given on 25 March 2019.

EA Games FIFA 20 Kurt0411

Kurt0411 then posted an apology on his Twitter account where he tries to explain why he behaved the way he did. The tweet does not actually include an apology at all but further attacks EA Games stating that the company does not want Kurt competing because they are scared he will say something about FIFA 20 being a “broken game” at their event.

He also released a video about it;

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