Final Fantasy 6 Remake Square Enix Complicated

Final Fantasy 6 Remake Would be ‘Quite Complicated’ Says Square Enix

Square Enix is currently deep in the development of the ambitious three-part Final Fantasy VII remake project – with the second part, Rebirth, scheduled for early 2024 – though employees at the company are also quite fond of tackling a reimagined Final Fantasy 6. Unfortunately, apart from having its hands full with the current slate of Final Fantasy projects (one of which is rumoured to be a remake of Final Fantasy 9), Square Enix says remaking Final Fantasy 6 could prove to be “quite complicated.”

Speaking during the franchise’s 35th anniversary livestream (translations by Twitter user Genki), Square Enix vice president Yoshinori Kitase discussed the topic of a Final Fantasy 6 remake which apparently comes up in conversations a lot at the studio. Several employees are eager to tackle a reimagining of the classic title, though Kitase says a remake would be “quite complicated” and no easy feat.

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Series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi added to that response, listing plenty of reasons why it would be difficult to accomplish. Mainly, one of the biggest challenges for the remake would be changing its story and recreating its pixel art using modern graphics. While Square Enix had already figured out more modernised designs for the Final Fantasy VII Remake characters thanks to the CGI movie, Advent Children, Final Fantasy 6‘s character sprites and pixel designs have remained unchanged without any new revisions to them over the decades.

In many ways, Final Fantasy 6 is also an ambitiously designed game. Not only does it feature an overworld that will need to be recreated, its story presents a number of unique challenges including its apocalyptic twists and turns that reshape the world at one point in the game. If Final Fantasy 6 was ever remade, it would probably require the same multi-part treatment as Final Fantasy VII Remake – a challenge that Square Enix doesn’t seem to be up for right now.

You can play the remastered version of Final Fantasy 6 right now on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Pixel remaster.

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