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Final Fantasy 9 Remake Is Real, No Final Fantasy 10 Remake – Report

Over the past few years, the internet has been flooded with rumours and reports about a potential remake of Final Fantasy 9. We got our best lead back in June 2023 from known insider Jeff Grubb who claimed that the game was indeed “real and happening.” Now, a leaker known for her highly accurate Sega and Atlus leaks has come forward to back up the rumours, though adds that there’s no Final Fantasy 10 remake in development.

The rumour originates from Midori, a reputable leaker who seems to possess inside information on happenings in the gaming industry, particularly those coming out of Japan. Responding to a question on Twitter/X asking if there were any Square Enix remakes in the works, Midori stated, “Yes, but there is no FFX remake in development.” When asked with a follow-up question if the Final Fantasy 9 remake was real, she responded, “This is correct information.”

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and the rumours of a Final Fantasy 9 remake have been too consistent to be false at this point. Sadly, those hoping for a remake of Final Fantasy 10 (or Final Fantasy X as it’s better stylised) might be disappointed to learn that Square Enix apparently has no intentions to remake the classic PS2 video game – at least not yet. On the other hand, the excellent Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is still available for modern consoles and worth playing.

Some details about the Final Fantasy 9 remake leaked in July last year, claiming that it would retain its turn-based combat. The ambitious Final Fantasy VII remakes removed the classic turn-based systems in favour of ATB, a hybrid system that allowed players to freely input attacks while slowing time down in the middle of combat to decide their next moves. As with all rumours, take this with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation from Square Enix.

Source: Midori

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