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Final Fantasy 9 Remake Will be Turn-Based, New Details Leak – Report

New details have leaked for the long-rumoured unannounced Final Fantasy 9 remake that’s seemingly in development at Square Enix. The highly-requested remake of the ninth mainline entry in the Final Fantasy series has been the hot topic of rumours for a few years now, though recent reports seem to suggest that it might actually be a reality. The leak claims that the game will retain its turn-based combat, use the ATB gauge and more.

The leak originates from Jeff Grubb (via My Nintendo News) who claims that the Final Fantasy 9 remake will use the franchise’s traditional turn-based combat in addition to having the ATB gauge. The remake is apparently striving to be as ambitious as the Crisis Core remake/remaster, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which launched last year. It’s worth noting that some of the information presented in this leak has already been floating around online for a few weeks, though it only recently seemed to gain traction in the community.

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For the most part, this leaked information suggests that the Final Fantasy 9 remake will be a very faithful adaptation and retelling of the classic tale, complete with its staple battle systems. Newer Final Fantasy entries including Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XVI have deviated away from turn-based combat in favour of real-time action or a hybrid of the two (as is the case with Remake).

Final Fantasy 9 originally launched in 2000 for the PS1 and took the series back to its classic medieval fantasy roots after the previous three entries went for a more sci-fi/futuristic or industrial aesthetic. It received positive reviews at launch and is widely considered one of the best entries in the entire franchise today. If you’re curious about where Final Fantasy 9 ranks on our list, you can read our full ranking of the series here.

Source: My Nintendo News

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