Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts Square Enix Milestones

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Franchises Hit Big Sales Milestones

Square Enix has revealed the lifetime sales for the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises, which hit big milestones over the past year. The publisher’s staple JRPG series Final Fantasy has dominated sales across its numerous mainline and spin-off titles, scoring big when it comes to worldwide success for the series. Kingdom Hearts, on the other hand, is also achieving great sales though certainly not on the level of the Final Fantasy IP.

During its 2022 annual report, Square Enix revealed that the Final Fantasy franchise had surpassed a massive 173 million units in its lifetime, making it one of the most successful video game IPs of all time. Kingdom Hearts managed to earn over 36 million units across its lifetime, which is still quite impressive. Additionally, the Dragon Quest IP – through its many entries across the decades – accumulated over 85 million units in lifetime sales.

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In the same annual report, Square Enix mentioned that it will begin shifting its focus away from the Japanese market as it wasn’t sustaintable enough to turn profits anymore and instead, will target the global market for future releases.

That said, there are still plenty of new titles to look forward to in Square Enix’s current library of franchises. Final Fantasy XVI is set to release exclusively on PS5 in summer 2023, while both Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and Final Fantasy VII Rebrth, the second part of the ambitious Final Fantasy VII Remake project, are hot on their way. Kingdom Hearts 4 was previously announced too, though no release date or window was given.

Beyond that, Square Enix’s Western-focused upcoming releases include Forspoken and a potential revival of the Parasite Eve franchise. Unfortunately, Square Enix’s library is looking less impressive with the absence of the Tomb Taider and Deus Ex franchises since it sold the Western IPs and studios to Embracer Group.

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