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Final Fantasy Tactics Creator Has ‘No Plans’ for Remaster

Rumours surrounding a potential remaster or remake of the classic RTS game, Final Fantasy Tactics, has been floating around online for a few years now. However, the series creator Yasumi Matsuno has now come out to squash the rumours, stating that there are currently no plans at Square Enix to remaster the beloved title.

Matsuno has now gone on-record saying that there are “no plans” to remaster Final Fantasy Tactics at the moment, adding that the decision is ultimately up to Square Enix and not him. “Currently, there are no plans for remastering,” said Matsuno on Twitter/X when responding to a fan. “Also, you have to convey your request to Square Enix, not me. Thank you for your understanding.”

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Understandably, Yasumi Matsuno left Square Enix back in 2005 but remained involved in the development of several Final Fantasy games including making content for Final Fantasy XIV and working on the Tactics Ogre remaster that launched in 2022.

Whatever Square Enix is cooking, it has certainly stirred up a wave of rumours and rampant speculation. Top of that speculative list is a remake of Final Fantasy 9. According to a report from September, the remake was originally due in summer 2024 but it may need some extra polishing time. We don’t know how trustworthy this source is so take it with a pinch of salt.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is also set to release early next year and kick off the second part in a planned trilogy of remakes that encompass the original game. The ESRB recently rated Rebirth for violence, alcohol consumption and instances of characters getting impaled with a sword. We wonder what that could mean…

If you’re still hopeful for a remaster or remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, this might be a bit of bad news. On that note, reliable insider Jason Schreier seemed certain that a remaster was in the works, according to a report from earlier this year. Maybe there is a semblance of hope after all.

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