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Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster is ‘Coming’ Says Insider

A remaster of Square Enix’s legendary tactical RPG Final Fantasy Tactics is reportedly on the way. According to industry insider Jason Schreier, a remaster is indeed “coming” but there’s no indication of where we can expect the announcement to happen.

Final Fantasy is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and there’s a lot of speculation about what Square Enix could announce. Apart from the Pixel Remaster finally arriving on other platforms, the publisher will release Final Fantasy XVI this June and aims to release Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in Winter 2023, ensuring a pretty stacked year for fans of the iconic JRPG franchise.

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However, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Final Fantasy Tactics will receive a remaster. It was already leaked several months ago thanks to the now infamous GeForce leak, which also mentioned a remake of Final Fantasy 9 though we haven’t heard anything about that yet.

Schreier recently responded to a fan on Twitter asking about the possibility of Final Fantasy Tactics getting the remastered treatment, to which he replied, “coming”. The Bloomberg reporter has been privvy to a lot of insider information in the gaming industry before so he may know about plans before any official announcement is made. A remaster for the game would certainly be welcomed in the gaming community as it remains a fan-favourite and nostalgic title for many.

Final Fantasy has a long history in the gaming world and Square Enix (back then SquareSoft) experimented a lot with the franchise over the decades. Final Fantasy Tactics was one such experiment as it ditched the usual turn-based combat of the mainline series in favour of more real-time strategy and tactical role-playing. The response was largely positive so a remaster for modern consoles is long overdue.

As with all reports and rumours, take this with a slight pinch of salt for now.

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