Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Getting 4K HDR Remaster in June
"Relive the classic CG film in 4K HDR"
Final Fantasy Vii: Advent Children 4K HDR Remaster
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is getting a 4K HDR remaster in June this year according to Square Enix. The updated version of the film is set to arrive on 8 June 2021 which coincides with the release week for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade. This is the PS5 enhanced version of the game that also sees the paid Yuffie DLC debut.

For those who loved the original Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children this remaster is a great way to experience the CG film again in 4K HDR. The boost to 4K will make the already-flashy CG look even better. However, keep in mind that the film may spoil much of the story’s plot for those who have never played the full game before.


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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is a sequel-like film to the original game and relies on having knowledge of the events that took place during the full four-disc experience back in the day. It also touches on some of the intense story arcs gamers experienced so if you have not played it and want to avoid these spoilers, we suggest staying away from the movie for now.

While many thought Square Enix would announce Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 by now, the company instead showcased a new DLC pack and PS5 enhanced edition last month. This is a trend the developer has been following for some time now. They seem to release what fans think are complete games but then add DLC and “missing chapters” to them after launch. Guess it is just the gaming world we live in now.

At this time it is unclear where the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 4K HDR remaster will be available to watch. However, keep your eyes on local rental services such as Apple TV and Google Play Movies closer to the launch. The film is also getting a standalone physical release that users can purchase online.






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