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Final Fantasy VII Modders Have Voiced The Entire Game

The original Final Fantasy VII is a classic in every sense of the word, but it notably lacks voice acting for a large majority of its dialogue which is text-based. It’s not necessarily a problem for many fans, but some want a little more. A modding community called Tsunamods has now banded together to deliver a mod that adds full voice work to the entire game on PC, providing voices for every minor and major character including NPCs.

The modding community Tsunamods recently released the Echo-S 7 mod for Final Fantasy VII on PC, which adds voice acting from a talented team of “well-trained actors with fantastic vocal and tech quality.” The creators explained that they never expected the mod to gain any sort of traction outside of their community, but it seems to have caught on pretty well so far with players.

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The impressive mod was put together by a global team of volunteers from the Tsunamods community. Judging by the trailer (below) which showcases all of the voice acting work, they’ve successfully managed to capture each character’s personality, quirks and cussing remarkably well. Thanks to the high quality of the recordings, it graciously doesn’t sound like any lines were recorded inside a steel bin either.

The mod notably doesn’t use the English script for Final Fantasy VII and instead opts to use a retranslation of the game’s Japanese script. This was done to cut out some of the horrendous translations in the English script which does get quite melodramatic and nonsensical at times. Naturally, the characters now sound more “human” since “text boxes can read very differently compared to when spoken out loud,” says the creators.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake has been available for a few years now with professional voice acting across the board, it’s nice to revisit the original once in a while too and experience the full journey, but now with voice work added into the mix.

If you want to install this awesome Final Fantasy VII mod on PC, here’s the download link.

Source: Tsunamods

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