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Final Fantasy VII News to Arrive Next Month for 25th Anniversary

Final Fantasy VII news is expected to arrive next month, according to the Remake‘s director Tetsuya Nomura. This falls in line with the original game’s 25th anniversary celebrations, where fans are hoping for an update to be shared by Square Enix about the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

During a Japanese livestream focused on the mobile game Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Nomura stated that Square Enix will make announcements regarding the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII next month. Naturally, this could mean that Square Enix are ready to show something off related to the second part of the ambitious Final Fantasy VII Remake project, which will encompass an unknown number of parts.

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Square Enix previously said that it would like to share details about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 this year in line with the 25th anniversary. The Japanese publisher has yet to share more information about Final Fantasy XVI yet either, but producer Naoki Yoshida said that a new trailer would arrive sooner rather than later.

Reports surfaced this week about PlayStation possibly hosting an event in early June, where updates regarding both Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 and Final Fantasy XVI might arrive. It’s possible that Square Enix could also host its own dedicated showcase in June for these titles.

The first part, Final Fantasy VII Remake, launched in 2020 exclusively for PS4. Square Enix aims to remake the original Final Fantasy VII in multiple parts given its ambitious nature and the expansiveness of the PS1 classic.  Fans speculate that it could encompass three to four parts, given that the first part only adapted the Midgar section which took 6-8 hours at most to complete in the original game’s 60+ hour length.

This is an exciting time for Final Fantasy fans as news about both anticipated games could arrive as soon as next month.

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