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Final Fantasy VII NFT Trading Cards Revealed by Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy VII trading cards that will include NFTs. This will form part of the Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum: Digital Card Plus collection which consists of 207 cards to collect. Each pack, coming in at $3.30, will include six physical trading cards and one “digital exchange card” which is basically an NFT.

The digital exchange card can be redeemed for an NFT version of a card. Square Enix assured buyers that it’s possible to get an NFT for any of the 207 cards that will be available. Those who buy the cards and want to redeem their digital one will need to create an account with NFT platform Enjin and download the Enjin Wallet app. Unfortunately, those NFTs can’t yet be transferred or sold to someone else though that option may arrive in the future.

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Adding a bit more fuel to an already raging fire, Square Enix cautioned that should the Enjin service ever terminate, buyers “will not be able to view or use the digital card in the future.”

The conversation surrounding NFTs in gaming continues to be hotly debated with most avoiding the trend altogether. Square Enix released a teaser for Symbiogenesis earlier this month, a game primarily built around NFTs and blockchain technology, to a massively negative reception. The company disabled the like and dislike ratio on the game’s YouTube teaser which doesn’t inspire much confidence in the community.

Final Fantasy VII is the next game in Square Enix’s library to get the NFT treatment, which started with the Digital Plus Edition action figure of Cloud Strife that contained an NFT version of the figurine. Considering the game’s strong central message and themes about reaping the planet of natural resources, fans are quickly pointing out the irony of the entire situation online.

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