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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo is Getting a Graphics Update and New Episode

Square Enix says it is addressing concerns around the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo visuals. Some gamers who played the demo criticised the experience for having “early PS3” era textures when playing the demo in 1440p Performance Mode.

The Performance Mode degrades the game’s visuals in order to achieve a higher frame rate but users say the sacrifice is too great. In comparison to the Graphics Mode, Performance Mode looks incredibly dated. Square Enix says it is looking into a fix.

The studio confirmed that on 21 February, the Final Fantasy VII Demo will get a “part two” update which will not only improve the visuals in the game but also add a Junon episode area to the demo.

While Square Enix didn’t say what the improvements will include, the studio will likely try and fix the heavily downgraded textures which come as a result of the Performance Mode.

As for the new playable content in the demo, the Junon episode will likely add the fishing town named Junon. The town appeared first in the original Final Fantasy VII but was canonically one of the first areas Zack Fair and Sephiroth visited during Zack’s first mission with Shinra. The town appeared in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

The town makes up part of the world in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth but the added content will likely include a mission and playable content in the area.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to launch on 29 February only on PS5. You can expect reviews to drop a week before the game’s launch on 22 February.

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