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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Wants Trilogy Ending to Surpass The Original

Motomu Toriyama, the co-director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, says he wants the Remake trilogy ending to surpass the original PS1 game’s ending. Square Enix hasn’t given the third part of the ambitious Remake trilogy a title yet but it’s currently being worked on following this year’s Rebirth, the second part of the saga and follow-up to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Speaking at the Indonesia Anime Con this week, Toriyama talked about trying to surpass the original Final Fantasy VII‘s ending with the third untitled game in Square Enix’s new Remake trilogy. “We would like to bring you a moving and impressive ending which will answer all the mysteries in Rebirth and exceeds the original game,” said Toriyama when talking about the next and final installment in the trilogy.

Of course, the new trilogy deviates quite a bit from the original PS1 game. This was already evident from Final Fantasy VII Remake where it became clear that Square Enix wanted to do more than just a straight one-for-one remake of the beloved classic. Instead, both Remake and Rebirth raised more questions than answers, leaving players with plenty of cliffhangers, some confusion and now uncertainty for how the finale will play out.

In related news, Square Enix revealed that sales for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth weren’t as great as the studio hoped, falling short of selling half as much as Final Fantasy VII Remake. This comes down to a couple of important factors. For one, Rebirth was locked to PlayStation as a PS5 exclusive at launch (something that Square Enix is now attempting to rectify). Additionally, when Remake launched in 2020, it released to a much larger PS4 player base that guaranteed better sales when compared to PS5, which has currently only sold less than half of the PS4’s lifetime sales.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available on PS5.

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