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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth ESRB Rating Lists Violence, Alcohol and Sword Impalement

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is still a few months away from its release next year, though we’ve received an update on the anticipated game’s contents thanks to the Entertainment Rating Software Ratings Board. According to the latest ESRB rating, the game will contain Cloud drinking alcohol such as moonshine, characters wearing revealing outfits with deep cleavage, curse words, some bloody violence and characters being impaled with swords in slow-motion. We wonder what that could be.

The ESRB rating for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth doesn’t offer any spoilers but it does give fans an idea of what to expect from the content in the game. There might be instances of Cloud consuming moonshine and getting drunk while another implies that certain characters will wear “revealing outfits” exposing cleavage, possibly at a beach. However, the biggest takeaway is characters being impaled by swords in slow-motion, which teases an iconic cutscene from the original game. Since Square Enix plans to end Rebirth at The Forgotten Capital, we all know what’s coming.

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Have a look at the ESRB’s full listing (which rates it T for Teen) below:

“This is an action role-playing game in which players follow the story of a mercenary (Cloud Strife) on a quest to save the planet from evil. Players explore fantasy landscapes, perform missions, and battle monsters and soldiers in frenetic melee combat. Characters use swords, staffs, guns, and magic spells to fight monsters and human soldiers; combat is highlighted by impact sounds, cries of pain, and explosions. Cutscenes depict further instances of violence, sometimes with splatters/pools of blood: characters impaled or slashed by swords, sometimes with slow-motion effects; an assassin throwing a spinning blade at a targeted figure; characters shot by soldiers.”

The description continues by mentioning alcohol, instances of characters smoking cigars and hookahs and some cheery curse words:

“Some female characters are designed with revealing outfits (e.g., deep cleavage); suggestive dialogue sometimes accompanies camera panning/close-ups of characters’ bodies/outfits (e.g., “Just admit it. You’re obviously captivated by my bodacious beach bod.”). The game contains some alcohol content: as Cloud, players can drink a version of moonshine while at a bar; cutscenes sometimes feature drunk characters slurring their speech. A handful of scenes depict characters smoking cigars or out of hookahs. The words “sh*t,” “a*shole,” and “pr*ck” appear in the game.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on 29 February 2024 for PS5. Check out our South African pre-order guide and the various editions as well as how many hours of content will be in the game and how soon PC players can expect to play the sequel.

Source: ESRB

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