Final Fantasy VII Rebirth State of Play Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets New State of Play Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the highly anticipated upcoming RPG from Square Enix, was the subject of this morning’s PlayStation State of Play event and with that came a bunch of new gameplay. The showcase mainly focused on the story of the game, how world exploration will work, an overview of the world map, minigames and so much more. A demo was also released shortly after the event which lets players take control of both Cloud and Sephiroth in the Nibelheim section of the full game.

The latest State of Play for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth includes 11 minutes brand new never-before-seen footage, giving us a closer look at the game’s world. Players will be able to traverse the massive map not only on foot but with an assortment of vehicles like buggies, wheelies and even Chocobo mounts. Chocobos will offer different abilities depending on the region. Some can swim while others can scale tall cliffsides.

Square Enix explained how world exploration will be broken up into categories outside of the main story:

“In the vast field areas, there are all kinds of points of interest to explore that will call to your sense of adventure. Broadly speaking, the first category is World Intel – where you survey the world, fighting fearsome foes and seeking out various resources or hidden treasures as you go. The second type is odd jobs, which delve deeper into the world and characters.”

The world will also be littered with minigames that Cloud and company can access. Square Enix says there will be much more varied minigames in Rebirth than seen in Remake, from a card-collecting game (hello, Gwent?) to musical performances and much more. The showcase also touched on the storytelling in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how it aims to elevate the original game while remaining faithful to several significant story beats.

Finally, your actions will have consequences. Cloud’s relationship with his companions can change depending on the actions and choices he makes throughout the game – yes, that includes a fan-favourite date scene from the original game. In fact, the Gold Saucer section will be expanded upon with an expanded date section too. Whether it’s Tifa, Aerith or Barrett, the choice is yours about who you want to date.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on 29 February 2024 for PS5. Make sure you check out our South African pre-order guide and its various editions that you can pre-purchase right now. Watch the full State of Play below:

Source: PS Blog

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