Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a PS5 Exclusive For Only Three Months

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth officially has an early 2024 release date. The anticipated RPG is expected to launch on 29 February and we all know it is only coming to PS5 first. The game is also launching with an extravagant Collector’s Edition which you can check out here. But it seems PS5 owners will only have three months of exclusivity with the game before it lands on “other platforms”.

The news comes from the recent release date trailer which claims Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is “not available on other formats at least until 29 May 2024.

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By the look of things, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth might be released on PC as early as June 2024. Of course, this doesn’t exactly mean Square Enix is making sure that happens. The previous title, Final Fantasy VII Remake was originally planned with only a 12-month contract. However, the game launched in April 2020 on PS4 and in December 2021 on PC.

Final Fantasy XVI is also a timed PS5 exclusive with a 6-month contract between Sony and Square Enix. The game was only recently confirmed to be in development for PC and the port will likely take longer than six months to get completed.

Let’s also not factor out Xbox yet. While the platform still doesn’t have the original Final Fantasy VII Remake, it might actually get Rebirth and Remake at the same time. Who knows at this stage? Square Enix recently confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV would release on Xbox which was quite a shocking surprise to many.

Still, this news shows that Square Enix might be taking a different approach with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Perhaps the publisher is reassessing its contract terms following its recent loss of $2.1 billion in market value.

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  • Nikki_boagreis 19 September 2023

    Apparently exclusive means for a limited time nowadays and it’s not really exclusive after all.

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