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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Isn’t Coming to PS4 Says Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is currently expected to launch exclusively on PS5, though fans were given some hope when the game’s official website featured a PS4 logo last week. The website has since been updated to remove the PS4 listing. Square Enix has now clarified that this was a mistake and that the game will not be launching on last-gen consoles after all.

After social media caught wind of the PS4 logo appearing on the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth website, fans speculated that it might’ve been coming to Sony’s last-gen console after all. In a response submitted to GamesRadar, Square Enix quickly clarified the information by stating that the listing wasn’t accurate. As of writing, the game’s website now only shows a PS5 logo. The error was short-lived but it makes sense why Square Enix would want to focus on more powerful hardware.

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Rebirth‘s predecessor, Final Fantasy VII Remake, originally launched as a PS4 exclusive before making its way to PC via the Intergrade expansion. PS4 players who purchased the game could also upgrade to PS5 free of charge, though had to pay to access Intergrade‘s expanded content. PS5 players hoping to play Remake before Rebirth launches now have the option to do so, though PS4 players will unfortunately not have access to the continuation.

Given that Final Fantasy XVI is only coming to PS5 as well, the decision to focus Final Fantasy VII Rebirth‘s development on the current-gen console makes sense. That way, Square Enix doesn’t have to worry about porting the game to less powerful last-gen hardware where it would surely be met with its own uphill battle in development and could potentially result in further delays.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches sometime in early 2024 for PS5. Check out the latest gameplay trailer from Summer Game Fest below:

Source: GamesRadar

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