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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Offers 100 Hours Worth of Content

Square Enix revealed a new trailer for its highly anticipated upcoming RPG, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, during last week’s PlayStation State of Play event along with a release date. The follow-up to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is the second part of a planned trilogy of remakes encompassing the original game, aims to go bigger than its predecessor by allowing players to explore the open-world beyond Midgar. According to the publisher, it offers 100 hours worth of content and gameplay.

Speaking about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in the wake of the game’s appearance last week, game director Naoki Hamaguchi confirmed that players will be able to explore a massive open-world, much like the original game which let players traverse a large overworld once completing the Midgar section. Final Fantasy VII Remake didn’t feature an open-world as it was mostly interconnected areas with long corridors. It seems like Square Enix put in the work to make it a much grander experience in Rebirth.

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Hamaguchi stated:

“While the main storyline is bigger and more ambitious than the previous game’s narrative, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also embraces the concept of ‘free exploration,’ with compelling stories, fun mini-games, powerful monsters and so much more to find throughout the world map. We hope you will explore this world in great detail, as nearly 100 hours of adventure awaits.”

Square Enix dropped plenty of information for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth last week, including letting fans know exactly where this game will conclude in the story. Furthermore, Rebirth is expected to be a PS5 exclusive but only for three months as it will likely hit PC afterwards. Like Remake, it’s unlikely that Rebirth will be available on Xbox.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on 29 February 2024 for PS5. Make sure you check out our South African pre-order guide and its various editions that you can pre-purchase right now.

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