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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Players are Addicted to Queen’s Blood

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been out for a few days now and it seems like players are digging deep into the game’s numerous side activities and mini-games. However, the clear standout among the mini-games is a card game called Queen’s Blood which has players hooked – some (including myself) even putting off the main quest for hours to throw down in the excellent card game.

For those unaware, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features a surprisingly robust deck builder card game called Queen’s Blood. As Cloud, you can challenge various NPCs to increasingly tougher games. Players bring 15 cards to either side of the table with three horizontal lanes of five spaces each. The goal is to ultimately win lanes and accumulate points. In the end, the player with the most amount of points wins. Various shops and vendors in the world will sell new card packs too, so you can keep gathering and building your ultimate deck.

So far, the consensus from many players seems to be quite positive for Queen’s Blood. Many are addicted to the deck-builder game that offers layers of extra content to a game already stacked with plenty of activities to do.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier was one player who admitted to playing Queen’s Blood non-stop:

GameSpot’s Lucy James wants Square Enix to release a standalone Queen’s Blood game:

Kinda Funny host Blessing Adeoye Jr. also seems to have fallen into the trap:

Candice King‘s husband has new priorities in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available for PS5. If you’re new to the Final Fantasy VII games, make sure you read up on our beginners guide about where to start.

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