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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s World isn’t “Go Anywhere and do Anything From The Start”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out in February of next year and it aims to be a fairly large sequel to the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Square Enix has already shared details as to where in the story the game takes place and also where the game ends in the original story.

According to Square Enix, while Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is larger and features quite a lot of exploration opportunities, the world isn’t exactly available to explore from the start of the game. During a Tokyo Game Show breakdown, BBC News spoke to game director Naoki Hamaguchi who confirmed that players will have to slowly unlock the world as they play through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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Hamaguchi says that players should not expect a Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom experience when they start Rebirth. Instead, the game sounds like it will play out similarly to other classic Final Fantasy games. The more you play, the more locations you’ll visit in the open world and these locations will include main story quests and side activities.

Hamaguchi did confirm that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth does feature an interconnected world that “slowly opens up”. As players progress, all towns and dungeons are “seamlessly linked together in one space”.

“We start out with a fairly broad area, a fairly wide area to explore. But there are limitations on it. Then as the story progresses, as the game progresses, you get new abilities and open up new areas, and the game expands further and further. It was a really important feature that we wanted to add to this game and one thing we wanted to focus on was the idea that you’re giving the player the opportunity to explore and experience the world,”

In all honestly, this was expected from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Only a handful of previous Final Fantasy games feature a truly open world. The rest allow for the freedom to explore but areas are unlocked as you play through the story. Square Enix has already confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will feature over 100 hours of content so there’s no doubt this ever-expanding world will be packed with things to see and do.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is releasing on 29 February for PS5.

Source: BBC News 

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