Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size Requires Over 100GB
Final Fantasy VII 7 Remake Review Demo PS4 Opening Movie Square Enix File Size Pre-load
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The Final Fantasy VII Remake is still a couple of months away but a recently-leaked print of the box art has revealed just how much storage space you will need in order to install the game on your PS4. We know the game will ship on two Blu-Ray discs which will combine the Final Fantasy VII Remake file size to over 100GB. Well, according to the box art anyway.

Images of the game’s Korean cover have made it online and it has confirmed the game installation to be well over 100GB just for this first chapter of Remake. The installation size is most likely bloated due to high-quality cinematics and cutscenes. Something all Final Fantasy games in the past have included which cause the installation to be quite large.

Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size

Even though the Final Fantasy VII Remake file size is huge, this is the first of many episodes releasing under the remake project. However, Square Enix has assured fans that this is a “full game” experience despite it being the first instalment. If previous reports are correct, the game plans on releasing in multiple episodes which may also be as large as 100GB in size. You will most likely need to clear a lot of storage space in order to play the entire experience over the next couple of years.

The game’s file size is huge but we can’t wait to get our hands on the game when it launches on 10 April 2020 for PS4. Make sure you take a look at the opening movie which went live last week here.






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