Final Fantasy VII Remake is a week away and if you are waiting for the reviews to drop before purchasing the game, you don’t have long to wait. While the game launches on 10 April 2020, the Final Fantasy VII Remake review embargo is on 6 April 12:00 SAT / 06:00 EST / 03:00 PST according to OpenCritic. So you can expect reviews for this much-anticipated remake to go live early next week.

UPDATE – Reviews are now live. Check our review out here – Final Fantasy VII Remake Review and watch the video review down below;

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake review embargo will mark the roll-out of a load of video content so if you are trying to avoid seeing the game then make sure you stay off YouTube until a later date. The game leaked in some parts of the world including Australia where retailers have already been selling the game at least 9 days before launch.

Thankfully, these leaks and early retail launches have not yet resulted in a mass wave of spoilers being published online. The early launch was caused by problematic logistics issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In South Africa, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed way into early May 2020 due to the import and shipping restrictions in place currently in the country.

Luckily, you can always purchase the game on the PlayStation Store but be prepared for a hefty download as the game needs at least 100GB of storage space due to the mass amount of assets created for every location in the game.

We will, of course, have a full review up next week so stay tuned on Monday for our thoughts on the game. Take a look at the final trailer for the upcoming game that just went live:

  • Story - /10
  • Gameplay - /10
  • Presentation - /10
  • Value - /10


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