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Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer From TGS 2019 Looks Fantastic

At E3 this year, Square Enix not only showed off gameplay of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake but also announced the release date as 3 March 2020 for PS4. Now, at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 (TGS 2019), Sony and Square Enix dropped a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer and it looks fantastic, to say the least.

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Fans who played the original will instantly remember some of the scenes in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer as some memorable characters show up and we even get a glimpse at two summons. You can watch the trailer shown off by Sony and Square Enix at TGS 2019 embedded at the bottom of this article.

Most of the scenes look very familiar but a bit different as well, which is why the remake looks so great. The creepy Don Corneo shows up, we get to see the improved Rude and Reno (members of Shinra’s Turks unit, president Shinra shows up as a massive hologram, there’s skydiving, the revamped gym training sequence, a dart game and more.

Between these scenes, we also see some new gameplay sequences as well as some peer pressure being put on Cloud by Aerith and Tifa, hinting at another famous scene. There’s a lot to love about the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer shown off by Sony and Square Enix at TGS 2019 and fans of the original shouldn’t be disappointed at all.

The game is set to release on 3 March 2020 on PS4 and it looks amazing so far, even if it is just the first episode in a series of titles and focuses only on the events that took place in Midgar.

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Check out the trailer shown off at TGS 2019 below and then tell us what you think about all the iconic scenes and action in the comment section below.

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