Final Fantasy VII Remake Listed as PS4 Exclusive Until 3 March 2021

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Listed as PS4 Exclusive Until 3 March 2021

It seems Square Enix has plans to release the Final Fantasy VII Remake on other platforms. According to the newly released boxart, the game is only a PS4 exclusive until 3 March 2021, a year after the game releases on the platform. The box art states “PlayStation Exclusive: Play first on PS4” followed by a smaller message that claims it is actually a timed exclusive until 3 March 2021.

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The date marks one year after the game’s initial release on PS4 which makes sense as most PS4 exclusives including DLC usually release on other platforms a year after launch where possible. However, Square Enix has yet to announce any other release platforms for the game so it could mean the game might release on next-gen hardware including PS5 and the Xbox Project Scarlet.

We also know that the game is not going to fully release in March next year as the planned episodic rollout might take a few years for Square Enix to release the entire experience. The first chapter, which is planned for March next year, will focus on an expanded version of Midgar and each episode released after that will be a full-sized game.

According to reports, Square Enix may announce and show something off at The Game Awards this week. They could reveal other possible platforms for the game but we will have to just wait and see what happens. In the meantime, take a look at the trailer down below and let us know if you are picking this up on day one?

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