Final Fantasy X-3 Rough Outline Done But Game Might Not Happen Soon
"Not saying there is 0 chance"
Final Fantasy X-3
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Final Fantasy X creator Tetsuya Nomura has told Famitsu that a rough draft of Final Fantasy X-3 actually exists. According to the director, while he isn’t saying that a sequel won’t ever happen, he has created the rough outline of the game’s story and details in case he ever gets around to creating it.

Square Enix says that fans should not bank on it never happening. The developer says that chances of Final Fantasy X-3 are “not 0” but the company’s main focus right now is the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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While this Final Fantasy X-3 news might surprise you, it is actually not the first time we have heard of the game’s existence. Tetsuya Nomura chimed in on the game’s existence a few years saying that a possible remake of the original might kick start development for a sequel.

Of course, most of the resources at Square Enix are now focused on Final Fantasy VII Remake especially Tetsuya Nomura who created the original game. He is actually the mastermind behind most of the Final Fantasy games which often causes problems at the company due to his workload being spread thin across so many titles. I am sure if he had his way and could manage it, he would work on remakes and sequels to most of his games.

At the moment, Square Enix is hard at work on not only Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 but also the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. Earlier this week we reported that Square Enix said the main scenario for the game is done and English voice work is also almost complete. While it may seem like nothing is happening at the studio, they are busy with a number of projects.






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