Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Announced – Xbox Release Confirmed

Final Fantasy XIV is getting its fifth expansion called Dawntrail. The popular MMO is also finally releasing on the Xbox platform after being absent from the system since its debut back in 2010. However, Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is more than just an expansion. Square Enix is also releasing update 7.0 which the publisher claims is a new beginning for the game.

We won’t see Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail until much later next year. Square Enix aims to release the expansion in June – August of 2024. It is described as the “very best summer vacation a hero could possibly have”. You can guess that players will venture to a new island that seems like a tropical holiday destination.

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Square Enix says that while Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was a dark story and setting, Dawntrail is brighter and features a lighthearted tone. Game director Naoki Yoshida explains the setting by saying:

“It’s a new beginning of Final Fantasy XIV [and] the theme is a journey of discovery. As you know, the arc we’ve been on from 1.0 to Endwalker about Hydaelyn and Zodiark has concluded. So you can think of this as our first step into a new story for Final Fantasy XIV.”

Yoshida also touched on the story elements in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail. He says that Yok Tural, a tropical area in the New World location is currently without its next ruler. Players will undertake the challenge and aid in the rite of succession to determine Tural’s next ruler.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the Dawntrail expansion. Square Enix listed the new content:

  • The level cap will be increased from Level 90 to Level 100
  • Two new jobs: One melee DPS job and one ranged magical DPS
  • New dungeons
  • New gear and recipes for crafters and gatherers
  • New variant dungeons
  • New Alliance Raid
  • New 8-Player Raid
  • New Ultimate Raid
  • The Pelupelu, a new race of people living in Yok Tural
  • PvP update
  • Blue Mage update
  • Inconceivably further Hildibrand adventures
  • New Plans for Deep Dungeons
  • Gold Saucer Update
  • Two dyes per gear piece
  • Furnishing limit increase
  • Whiteboard-like Strategy Board for planning duties, raid strategies, and more

Of course, the bigger news here is the graphical update expected with Dawntrail. Yoshida announced that almost every aspect of the game is being upgraded visually. This goes for shadows, textures, 3D models, draw distance and much more. Yoshida says the team is working on updating the entire game and while Update 7.0 will bring the majority of the visual improvements, expect more visual updates later down the line too.

Watch the announcement trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail below:


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