Final Fantasy XIV is Now Sold Out Digitally Because That is Possible
"Can't crash the servers"
Final Fantasy XIV PS5
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If you are looking to become part of the millions that play Final Fantasy XIV then you are out of luck. The popular MMORPG is currently sold out on the Square Enix Store and purchasing the game digitally won’t get you further than on the “waiting list”.

Fans of the game noticed that Square Enix has sold out of the digital version of the game through the official store. In particular, the Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition, the bundle that contains the base game alongside all of the expansions, is out of stock. This includes both the PS4 and PC versions of the game. Mac users can purchase their specific version without a problem.


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If you are sitting there scratching your head wondering how a digital game can sell out then you are not alone. However, the limited digital copies available on the Square Enix Store are actually linked to the Final Fantasy XIV server capacity more than anything else. Instead of selling out of the digital code, Square Enix puts a cap on the number of copies available through the store to prevent an influx of players from hitting the game servers.

If you have played Final Fantasy XIV then you would know that the servers are limited in size. An influx of players would cause problems for the game as it would overwhelm the servers and prevent players from logging into their realm. Final Fantasy XIV is also extremely popular with player numbers sitting at over 22 million. It makes sense that Square Enix would implement ways to monitor the player base to avoid any sudden crashes.

If you want to pick up the game you are better off grabbing it through Steam and the PlayStation Store as they both seem to have stock available of the digital version.

Source: Reddit






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